Sailing to the Canary Islands,1st port Agadir.

Lanzarote Yacht Charter has finished its recreational yacht courses with the staff of the Marina Agadir and the Maritime Polytechnic College of Agadir which was part of the Naucamnet project “Nautical cooperation and sustainability between the Canary Islands and Souss Massa Dra region”.
Sailing to the Canary Islands,1st port Agadir.

Its been a very satisfactory and gratifying experience for us. Also as sailors we are obliged to give an expert opinion of this destination, which we hope will be of use to you.
Always,weather being a sailor crossing to the Canary Islands or a keen sports fisherman, entering a port along the coast of Morocco or just approaching the coastline can be an added adventure, me myself are one of the unfourtunate in having a “bad experience” in the past. After a week in Marina Agadir, i will dare to say that its the first port thats well worth the visit on the way to the Canary Islands. It has all the services , water,electric,fuel and security,the marina is really nice,surrounded by quality shops and good restaurants where you can have an enjoyable time. (Being a turistic area the sale of alcohol is permitted).
Let the marinas manager Mr Samir know your arriving and once youve tied up in your berth and have documentation ready,customs paperwork can be filled in,he speaks perfect english, french , spanish and arabic as well a being an expert skipper.

The marina is next to a spectacular beach with a promenade that continues for many kilometers and has a sporty atmosphere. You will feel safe here and not just in the tourist area but throughout the whole city.

Taxi fares around town are around 3€ ( dirham being the currency), you can go to a locals favourite the Najdah where you can eat an exellent lamb or chicken Tagine for 5€ per person or on the same row there are restaurants that specialize in fish and shellfish of the highest quality.
A walk around the Souk (market) is well worth it, specially when travelling with the ladies,bartering is an obligation and you get some great deals down 40% at least.

The nightlife, speachless , I would recommend having a drink at Sofitel ,  expensive so take a full wallet but great atmosphere with live music bands and a good looking crowd.

Lanzarote Yacht Charter has prepared some package deals for sailors and also for fisherman that are keen on jigging and bottom fishing , either flying into Agadir we will wait for you at the boat in the marina or sail there from Lanzarote, you can receive information on our website.
I hope this article is of use once there, in my opinion its an obliged stop for any sailor heading to the Canary Islands.

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