Lanzarote Yacht Charter, working for film producers.

“Turning Tide” (En Solitaire).
Offshore filming with the cooperation of Lanzarote Yacht Charter.
The filming of the european super production starring Francois Cluzet , Guillaume Canet and Jose Coronado started in la Canary Islands in December 2012.

Problems aroze during filming with other companies that were hired and bad weather, so a vessel with commercial skipper and deckhand from Lanzarote Yacht Charter went to Gran Tarajal to finilize the necessary offshore filming . Lanzarote Yacht Charter is a company with a lot of experience in working with producers. Later the film crew moved to Lanzarote ,assisted by Oscar Fdez de Pinedo ,to continue with work and filming , concerning the commercial fishing fleet.
Turning Tide (En solitaire) is a French-Dutch-Spanish Co-production by GAUMONT, LES FILMS DU CAP, in Spain its produced by CONTRACORRIENTE FILMS and SCOPE PICTURES. “En Solitaire” had a 17 million euros budget and was filming lasted twelve weeks and most of it far offshore.

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